Tchekov at the House of Special Purpose


ISBN: 9781760622725
Author: R Johns
Publication Date: 31/08/2019
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 88pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 5F , 8M , doubling possible.

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‘To Moscow! To Moscow!
What are you waiting for?’
The Reds–once the powerless, now the powerful.
The Whites–once the absolute rulers, now the powerless. The former Tsar and his family are imprisoned by the Bolsheviks in a provincial house.
It is a fact the Romanov girls performed Chekhov to pass the time under house arrest. But what happens in this last house of existential chaos, youth versus age, hope versus paranoia, and love versus fear?
R. Johns’ new play juxtaposes fragments of Chekhov’s
Three Sisters with the Revolution, and asks the question: change, but at what cost?

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