The Incredible Here and Now


ISBN: 9781760621339
Author: Felicity Castagna
Publication Date: 3/07/2017
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 68pp.
Availability: Available


The Incredible Here and Now is a play about cars and boys and having to grow up too soon.

Charcoal chicken, a white Pontiac Trans Am, the Council pool, Michael is living in the shadow of his older brother Dom. The biggest guy in the school. Best car in the West. The guy who just can’t help but grab everyone’s attention. The guy with the girlfriend with the huge-arse hair.

When he is gone Michael roams the streets, navigating life, friendship, love and family. The Incredible Here and Now is a poignant rollercoaster ride celebrating life, first love, family and new beginnings, traversing the streets of Western Sydney.

Adapted for the stage by international award-winning local author and playwright Felicity Castagna.

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