Moth and Home Economics: Two plays


ISBN: 9780868199405
Author: Declan Greene
Publication Date: 2/07/2012
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 116pp.
Availability: Available


Moth explores themes of friendship, bullying, mental illness, and the hierarchy of the schoolyard. Sebastian is a terminally unpopular fifteen-year-old suburban kid, with an overactive imagination and an obsession with anime and death. His only friend, Claryssa, is an emo Wiccan art-freak barely one rung higher than Sebastian on the social ladder. What starts as just another night drinking down at the cricket nets soon gives way to an ecstatic vision that leaves Sebastian unconscious, their friendship left in ruin.

2011 AWGIE—Theatre for Young Audiences
2010 Green Room Awards—Best New Australian Work
2009 VIC Premier’s Literary Award—Louis Esson Prize for Drama (shortlist)

Home Economics is a series of five vignettes balanced on the axis of sex and food. This delicious series of character studies are ruthless, biting and critical but also extremely human and touching, revealing the author’s genuine fondness for his characters.

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