Daisy Moon Was Born This Way


ISBN: 9781760622732
Author: Emily Sheehan
Publication Date: 16/04/2019
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 78pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 3F , 2M

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Daisy, you don’t wanna fit in. You wanna stand out. Way out. So far out they’ll think you were from outta space.

Daisy Moon—founder, president and so-far only member of the Batemans Bay Little Monsters Fan Club—is in a world of her own. She’s the only girl she knows who hasn’t got her period yet. She’s the only one who can’t afford tickets to see her idol Lady Gaga. She’s the only one who feels like she doesn’t belong.

Meanwhile, her brother Noah is back in town after being expelled from his private boarding school, armed with plenty of cash but very little sympathy.

When the effortlessly cool Parker turns up and wants to join the Monsters fan club, Daisy’s world is sent spinning into a strange and wondrous orbit.

Emily Sheehan’s dark and funny coming-of-age drama unfolds the insecurity blanket of the teenage years … and covers it in sequins.

‘What is so impressive and urgent about Emily’s work is that it speaks to both the very truthful and considered peaks and troughs of adolescence, while remaining poignant and resonant for children and adults alike.’—ArtsHub.

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