Educating Agnes


ISBN: 9781854595331
Author: By Liz Lochhead
Publication Date: 1/05/2008
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available

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A dark and wickedly funny farce about one man’s twisted attempts to find a woman he can control completely. Adapted from Molière’s classic comedy The School for Wives by Liz Lochhead, ‘Scotland’s greatest living dramatist’ (Scotland on Sunday).

He’s old, rich and determined to find the perfect wife. She’s young, innocent and in debt to him. He’ll have her by any means possible…

‘Wives like your one, those with all the smarts,
The ballbreakers, they’re the ones to break our hearts…
So pick a simple girl – it’s not rocket science!’

Liz Lochhead’s play Educating Agnes was first staged by Theatre Babel at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, in 2008.

‘A daft, boisterous, big-hearted comedy that merrily weaves references to Kinsey and Cosmo on to Molière’s 17th-century frame’

‘Lochhead has fashioned a fabulous script, working Molière’s playful rhymes into a robust, clever and hilarious Scots-English… shifts brilliantly between “high” and “low” registers, all the better to draw out the play’s comedy of hypocritical sexual manners’

‘Pure bliss… Lochhead’s extraordinary facility for manipulating the meter has never been bettered. She exploits every trick in the book to make the verse sayable but maintain the comic effect’
The Times

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