Stories of Love and Deception: Three plays


ISBN: 9781925005301
Author: Joanna Murray-Smith
Publication Date: 4/11/2014
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 208pp.
Availability: Available

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This collection features a keenly engaging discussion of our most dearly held values and their ramifications. Ludicrous and incisive, this collection invites us to confront those questions of morality most threatening to life as we know it.

Day One, A Hotel, Evening explores the revelations of three couples entangled in a web of extra-marital indiscretions. It asks us, ‘What is love?’ in a glaringly honest, deeply searching and ultimately sobering way.

An irresistible portrait of courage and inner conviction, True Minds is cogent and facetious. When two families on the brink of matrimonial union become stranded in a freak storm, will the couples’ dawning incompatibility coax them to fight for integrity as the only reliably stable choice?

Fury opens with the news of Alice and Patrick’s 19-year-old son’s hate crime on a local mosque. Alice, an award-winning, cancer-curing scientist, and Patrick, a novelist, are forced into a whirlwind of self-examination and stripping back of decades-old secrets. In the harrowing unfolding of hypocrisies and brash pragmatism, Fury hones in on our true motivations and their lasting consequences.

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