The Things Good Men Do


ISBN: 9781854599940
Author: By Dan Muirden
Publication Date: 1/03/2007
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available

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Good men behaving very badly in Dan Muirden’s debut full-length play, a dark comedy about twenty-somethings in London.

Reformed womaniser Nick is approaching thirty and has fallen head over heels with the girl he wants to marry and have kids with. But then a dark little fling he’d rather forget comes back to threaten everything.

For the first time he understands that a picture-perfect, middle-class life might not be a given. How far will he go to keep himself in the game that everyone else seems to be playing?

Dan Muirden’s play The Things Good Men Do was first staged at the Old Red Lion, Islington, in 2007.

‘An expertly crafted piece of writing… Muirden should be watched’

‘Steeped in dark humour and stomach-curdling honesty’
Camden New Journal

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