Curtain Up!


ISBN: 9781848428522
Author: Edited by Charon Williams-Ros
Publication Date: 11/01/2024
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 152pp.
Availability: Available


This comprehensive, hands-on guide to making theatre – perfect for any school, college, youth group or amateur-theatre company – gives you the knowledge you need to take your productions to the next level.

Curtain Up! is packed with invaluable advice and practical tips on every aspect of putting on your show, including:

  • Direction: from choosing your project to casting, rehearsals and opening night
  • Vocal Direction: give your singers and actors the confidence to deliver great performances
  • Choreography: step-by-step advice on bringing your choreography to life
  • Production Design: use set, costumes and more to realise your vision innovatively (and come in on budget)
  • Puppets & Props: inject some practical magic into your production – and how to make your own puppets
  • Scriptwriting: beat the blank page and pen your own original show
  • Lighting Design: maximise your resources to create a whole world on stage
  • Publicity: identify your audience, reach them and get those bums on seats

Each section is written by an experienced theatre professional, laying out the essentials of every role and offering creative, practical ideas to breathe new life into your own theatre projects.

Also included is a section on planning, with tips and worksheets to assist with everything from budgeting to selecting your production team.

Wherever and however you make theatre, this inspiring, empowering and highly accessible manual will help make your next production your best yet!

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