Blaque Showgirls


ISBN: 9781760627874
Author: Nakkiah Lui
Publication Date: 6/9/2023
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 78pp.
Availability: Available

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Plumage! Puns! Political incorrectness gone mad! Griffin Theatre Company is proud to present: Blaque Showgirls!
A lonely kid in rural Australia, fair-skinned Sarah Jane Jones is deathly sure of two things: 1. She’s the best dancer in the whole town of Chithole, and 2. She’s a proud Aboriginal woman. There’s very little proof of either of these things.
So, when a long-lost photograph offers hope of her Indigenous ancestry, Sarah Jane high-tails it to the glitziest casino in Brisvegas. Her mission? To land a role in the First Nations burlesque spectacular: ‘Blaque Showgirls’… by any means necessary.

Blaque Showgirls is Nakkiah Lui’s sparkly, smart-arsed spoof of the so-bad-it’s-good cinematic masterpiece Showgirls. The luminous Stephanie Somerville (Chalkface) fan kicks her way to the front of the chorus line, going head-to-head with all-dancing, all-diamantéd drag icon Foxxy Empire!
Co-directors Shari Sebbens (Superheroes, City of Gold) and Ursula Yovich (Diving for Pearls, Barbara and the Camp Dogs) jam-pack a long-awaited, pint-sized rhinestoned arena spectacular into the SBW Stables Theatre in 2023.
Nakkiah Lui pivots improbably smoothly from outrageous hilarity to heartrending pain and injustice in a kind of one-two move that hits you in the gut.’
Limelight Magazine
(for Nakkiah Lui and Blackie Blackie Brown)

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