ISBN: 9781848420595
Author: By Ella Hickson
Publication Date: 2/07/2009
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 64pp.
Availability: Available


Eight compelling monologues offering a state-of-the-nation group portrait for the stage.

From Millie, the jolly-hockey-sticks prostitute who mourns the loss of the good old British class system, to Miles, a 7/7 survivor, and Danny, an ex-squaddie who makes friends in morgues, Eight looks at what has happened to a generation that has grown up in a world where everything has become acceptable.

Ella Hickson’s play Eight was first staged at Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh, during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in August 2008. It was awarded a Fringe First Award and the Carol Tambor ‘Best of Edinburgh’ Award.

The production transferred to Performance Space 122, New York, as part of the COIL Festival, in January 2009, and then to Trafalgar Studios, London, in July 2009.

In its original performances, each audience voted for four of the eight monologues that they wished to see, resulting in a different line-up at every performance. A ninth unperformed monologue is included in this edition.

The monologues are ideal for performance by student and amateur groups; any number and any combination can be performed. They also provide excellent opportunities for actors looking for audition material.

‘Hickson’s writing remains astonishing, with a huge, angry energy and poetry’
The Scotsman

‘Ella Hickson has already found her voice and it’s a powerful one – a potent show indeed’
New York Times

‘One of the most self-assured, startlingly well-written and moving pieces of theatre around

Carol Tambor ‘Best of Edinburgh’ Award

Edinburgh Fringe First Award

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