ISBN: 9781848427457
Author: By Kenny Emson
Publication Date: 3/04/2018
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 88pp.
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‘Today’s the day
Yes it is
Reebok Classic of a day today

Kev used to be captain of the school football team. Scored the winner in the All-Essex Schools Cup Final. He used to have a girlfriend called Lisa; she wore a fitted blazer, and lit up the playground.

Ben used to get beaten up most days. He stole money from his mum’s purse to pay off Wicksy.

Then there was Ben’s mate Jack. Loyal, unbreakable Jack.

An unflinchingly honest new drama about the kids who survived school, and those who didn’t, Plastic premiered at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London, in 2018 before transferring to the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, produced by Poleroid Theatre and directed by Josh Roche.

Kenny Emson is a BAFTA Award-nominated screenwriter and playwright. His other plays include Terrorism (Bush Theatre) and This Must Be the Place with Brad Birch (Winner of Show of the Year at VAULT Festival 2017).

‘Emson writes with wit and fine emotional precision… holds you gripped throughout’ Financial Times on Terrorism

‘Grips like a vice… it is topical, universally relevant and hits home with the force of a sledgehammer’
The Reviews Hub

‘An intoxicating thriller… Emson’s writing is hypnotically poetic’
Theatre Weekly

‘Fascinating… will lodge in the mind’

‘Acutely captures the heightened intensity of teenagerdom, where school is a microcosm of society at large and the injustices delivered there are felt with searing passion’
The Stage

‘Emson’s script springs its surprises well, setting up expectations then subverting them with skill… the firecracker writing burns bitterly beneath its rhythms and rhymes: terraced houses are cages, classrooms feel like courtrooms’

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