The Enchantment


ISBN: 9781854599995
Author: By Victoria Benedictsson Adapted by Clare Bayley
Publication Date: 1/07/2007
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available


The extraordinary and mesmeric play by the Swedish author who was reputedly a model for Miss Julie and Hedda Gabler.

One sunny day in Paris, Gustave Alland, famous artist and philanderer, visits Louise Strandberg – convalescing in her brother’s studio – and casts her effortlessly under his spell. In a vain attempt to escape, she exiles herself to her provincial hometown in Sweden. But a letter propels her back to Paris and into his arms. And for a brief moment, ecstasy is hers.

Victoria Benedictsson’s play The Enchantment was written shortly before her suicide in 1888. This English version by Clare Bayley was first staged at the National Theatre, London, in July 2007.

‘An extraordinary play… Clare Bayley’s immaculate version is a major act of reclamation’

‘Many thanks to Clare Bayley, who has unearthed and translated this fascinating play… an astonishingly mature work… a cry for equality that still resonates today’
The Times

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