The First Garden


ISBN: 9780868199474
Author: Chris Raja, Natasha Raja
Publication Date: 15/06/2012
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 48pp.
Availability: Available

(Academics and teachers)
Cast Info: 1F , 4M


The First Garden tells the story of Olive Pink—a trailblazing Aboriginal land rights activist and environmentalist. Ridiculed by her peers and shunned by the Alice Springs community for espousing ideals that were considered to be outlandish she was viewed as a public nuisance, to be barely tolerated. However, due to her vigor and vision the Olive Pink Botanical Garden was established in Alice Springs.

The First Garden also touches on key narratives in modern Australian identity, seamlessly incorporating Aboriginal rights, environmentalism, the Gallipoli legend and feminism into its gentle rhythmic tone. This reflects a maturation of our society, where we are prepared not only to acknowledge but also to reconcile.

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