The Grand Old Opera House Hotel


ISBN: 9781839042720
Author: By Isobel McArthur
Publication Date: 10/08/2023
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 112pp.
Availability: Available

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It used to be a magnificent opera house, its stage graced by the leading sopranos and tenors of the age. Now the only divas at the Grand Old Opera House Hotel are the ones checking-in, there are fist fights in the lobby, and there’s scarcely a romantic hero to be found.

When shy Aaron joins the hotel’s inharmonious team, he’s faced with emotionally volatile guests, apathetic staff and management that doesn’t have a clue. Not to mention the rumour of singing ghosts haunting the corridors.

But through all the madness, one voice stands out, capturing his ears and his heart – and Aaron must go into battle with the hotel’s magical chaos to find out the truth.

An uplifting ensemble comedy, Isobel McArthur’s The Grand Old Opera House Hotel is a story of art bringing us together in hopeless circumstances, to the tune of some of the most popular opera songs ever written. It premiered at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, during the Festival in August 2023, with Dundee Rep Theatre, directed by Gareth Nicholls.

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