The Here and This and Now


ISBN: 9781848426474
Author: By Glenn Waldron
Publication Date: 9/03/2017
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
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‘I just don’t know if I’m ever happy. Like, really truly happy. Even if you sent me up to space, by day four I’d be worrying if I had enough stuff on my Kindle…’

What makes us truly happy? Health? Family? Professional success? Blasting it in the gym? Romance? Pills?

Or are we ignoring the bigger stuff? Real life-changing stuff that can devastate the world if we just keep ignoring it.

Glenn Waldron’s darkly surprising comedy The Here and This and Now takes a look at the pharmaceuticals business, the salaryman and woman, and the quest for happiness. It premiered at Theatre Royal Plymouth in March 2017.

‘If you like Black Mirror, you’re going to love this… structurally playful and infused with a gleefully black humour, it absorbingly exposes the irresponsibility of big pharma, the depravity of salesmanship, and a whole lot more besides. It’s hilarious and horrific, all at once’

‘A brilliantly taut black comedy… better and bigger than Black Mirror, and with much more to say’
The Stage

‘Has an important point to make… seduces us with laughter’

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