The Roaring Girl


ISBN: 9781848424005
Author: By Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton
Publication Date: 17/04/2014
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 136pp.
Availability: Available


A hilarious city comedy by the authors of A Mad World, My Masters and The Shoemaker’s Holiday.

Sebastian has a problem. He’s in love with a girl but his father won’t agree to their marriage. In desperation he turns to the one person who can help him, the fearless and feisty ‘roaring girl’ Moll Cutpurse.

In a London fuelled by greed and desire, the charismatic, cross-dressing heroine Moll has the world wrapped around her little finger, and she has a plan. Cutting a joyously independent path through the underhand scheming and petty vendettas of the London underworld, Moll proves more than a match for any man.

This Prompt Book edition of The Roaring Girl was published alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company’s revival of the play in 2014, and features the text edited for the RSC production, and introductions by key members of its creative team.

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