What I (Don’t) Know About Autism


ISBN: 9781848429499
Author: By Jody O’Neill
Publication Date: 6/02/2020
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 72pp.
Availability: Available

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A sometimes comic, sometimes heartbreaking journey into the world of autism.

Sandra is looking for love. Gordon is seeking acceptance. Simon just wants these parents to stop talking for two minutes so he can get on with teaching their kids.

And Casper? Casper is not here.

Jody O’Neill’s play What I (Don’t) Know About Autism mixes narrative, song, dance and direct address to explore this contentious and often misunderstood subject matter.

Inspired by the writer’s own experiences with autism, the play celebrates autistic identity whilst offering deeper insight and understanding to non-autistic audiences.

What I (Don’t) Know About Autism was co-produced by Jody O’Neill and the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in association with The Everyman, Cork, and Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre, Bray. It was first performed, with all relaxed performances and a cast of autistic and non-autistic actors, on the Abbey’s Peacock Stage, in February 2020, before touring.

The play won the Best Theatre Script Award at the 2021 Writers Guild of Ireland’s Zebbie Awards.

‘A riveting celebration of difference… Jody O’Neill’s timely new play has a wide emotional register’
Irish Times

‘An innovative theatrical experience that makes light work of heavy themes’
The Arts Review

‘An uplifting, powerful piece of theatre’
Irish Examiner

Best Theatre Script, Writers Guild of Ireland’s Zebbie Awards

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