When This Is Over


ISBN: 9781839042577
Author: By Ned Glasier, Sadeysa Greenaway-Bailey, Company Three
Publication Date: 6/07/2023
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 112pp.
Availability: Available


A group of teenagers, their lives shaped by billions of seemingly random events going back to before they were born, come together onstage to share stories about their past, their present, and what might lie ahead.

When This Is Over is a uniquely personal, theatrical celebration of hope, possibility and imagination. It’s about how we can work with chaos, and embrace our collective imagination as we prepare for a deeply uncertain future – together.

Originally conceived by Company Three – and developed alongside more than fifty other youth theatres across the UK – When This Is Over is a play designed to be created and performed by teenage casts, drawing directly on their own life experiences and the stories they want to tell. As with Company Three’s widely performed youth-theatre play Brainstorm, the script is a blueprint for an amazing theatrical adventure.

This published edition contains a series of exercises and activities for schools, youth-theatre groups and community companies to create and perform their own unique productions, and also features the complete script of Company Three’s version, which was performed at The Yard, London, in 2022.

When This Is Over was named Community Project of the Year at The Stage Awards, and Outstanding Drama Initiative at the Music and Drama Education Awards.

Community Project of the Year, The Stage Awards

Outstanding Drama Initiative, Music and Drama Education Awards

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