Boy Parts


ISBN: 9781839042980
Author: By Eliza Clark Adapted by Gillian Greer
Publication Date: 26/10/2023
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 60pp.
Availability: Available

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‘I wonder what I have to do for people to recognise me as a threat. Do I have to smash a glass over the head of every single man I come into contact with, just so I leave a mark?’

Irina takes erotic photos of average-looking men. Always behind the lens, she watches, she moulds, and she stalks. These boys are putty in her hands, just the way she likes it.

When the opportunity to show her photographs in a fashionable London gallery coincides with a new boy to obsess over, cracks begin to appear. How far can she push her new prey for the perfect shot, or has she already gone too far?

Based on the critically acclaimed debut novel by Eliza Clark, which was a finalist for the Women’s Prize Futures Award, Boy Parts is a pitch-black psychological thriller that subverts the erotic gaze and asks what happens when our need for connection gets twisted.

This stage adaptation for one actor by Gillian Greer was premiered in 2023 at Soho Theatre, London, in a co-production between Metal Rabbit Productions and Soho Theatre, and directed by Sara Joyce.

Praise for Eliza Clark’s novel:

‘Hilariously sardonic… Will make most readers howl with laughter and/or shut their eyes in horror’ Guardian

‘A carnival funhouse ride: terrifying, feverish, hilarious’ Julia Armfield

‘Boundaries are for breaking and if anyone can crash through and reinterpret the fear of our time, Eliza Clark can’ Mslexia

‘Hallucinogenic, electric and sharp’ Jessica Andrews

‘Delightfully and deviously rooted in the now with its delectable internet and culture references and evocative and real-feeling portrait of women’ Dazed

‘Smart, stylish, and very funny’ Lara Williams

‘Explores the darkest corners of artistic practice, sexuality and violence with bold wit and fearlessness. A dazzling, horrifying debut’ Irish Times

‘A striking and visceral adaptation… captures all the humour of Irina’s complex life, as well as those difficult moments that make a perfect thriller’
The Stage

‘Thrilling and frankly terrifying… breathlessly compulsive, edge-of-your-seat stuff… unquestionably a striking piece of theatre’

‘Enthralling… one of the best page-to-stage adaptations we’ve seen… Greer transposes Clark’s voice exquisitely… it’s sharp, entertaining, vicious, thrilling, morbid, uncomfortable, and alarmingly irresistible’
Broadway World

‘Engrossing and darkly funny’
New York Times

‘Brings Eliza Clark’s subversive and visceral novel to the stage in uncompromising style… balances the horror and humour with equal grace’
Theatre Weekly

‘Exhilarating and sinister’
West End Best Friend

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