Acting Through Song


ISBN: 9781848422292
Author: By Paul Harvard
Publication Date: 7/02/2013
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 296pp.
Availability: Available

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An impassioned and invaluable guide for actors and students of musical theatre.

In Acting Through Song,​ Paul Harvard takes the techniques of modern actor training – including the theories of Stanislavsky, Brecht, Meisner and Laban, amongst others – and applies them to the fundamental component of musical theatre: singing.

With dozens of exercises to put these theories into practice, and numerous examples from a broad range of musicals, the result is a comprehensive and rigorous acting course for those training in musical theatre or already performing, whether amateur or professional, to realise their potential – and act better.

‘The most methodical, thorough and practical book on the subject that I’ve ever read.’ Daniel Evans, from his Foreword

‘If you want to maximise your potential in this tough profession, this is not just a must-read – it’s your bible.’ Stuart Barr

‘There is good advice in this useful and practical book about how to integrate acting and singing – all supported with suggestions for ways of practising and developing skills’
The Stage

‘Revelatory… an important addition to the actors’ library… full of good, practical advice’

‘For anyone wishing to do justice to a musical theatre role, and definitely for those wishing to work in this genre, this guide is a must’
Teaching Drama Magazine

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