Drama Menu at a Distance


ISBN: 9781848429796
Author: By Glyn Trefor-Jones
Publication Date: 10/09/2020
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 112pp.
Availability: Available


‘For however long we must keep our distance, we will continue to create, to reinvent, to strive and to feed our creativity. At a time where performers are needed more than ever, training the next generation of performers must go on!’ Glyn Trefor-Jones, from his Introduction 

Drama Menu is the revolutionary, hugely popular concept that has transformed the planning and delivery of drama classes for teachers and workshop leaders around the world. Choose an Appetiser or two, a Starter, a Main Course and a Dessert – and voilà! – you’ll have a delicious, dramatic banquet for your students.

This new collection, Drama Menu at a Distance – created specifically to help anyone teaching drama during the COVID-19 pandemic – brings you 80 games and exercises, all of which are safe and secure to play in this new era of socially distanced teaching and online learning.

It offers dynamic, brand-new exercises to energise, excite and inspire your group, alongside some firm favourites, redesigned to be played within the necessary constraints. Also included is an introduction by the author, with advice and suggestions to support you in delivering your session.

Drama Menu at a Distance is the essential recipe book you need to eliminate the challenges of planning lessons and workshops in the ‘new normal’, and leave you with more time for playing. Stay safe – and bon appétit!


Praise for Drama Menu:

‘An essential resource for anyone teaching drama to children of all ages… with catchy titles, clear numbering and individual exercise summaries, Drama Menu is an easily accessible, flexible and creative resource useful for any dramatic platform. A must-have for all teachers wanting to give their students the very best!’ Word Matters

‘Easy to navigate… definitely something for everyone… a really useful collection’ Teaching Drama

‘Ideal… [the author’s] knowledge and experience are apparent in his writing and this book will provide a great deal of varied and inspiring material for sessions with secondary-aged or older students, although many activities could be used with or adapted for younger age-groups’ Drama Resource

‘Unbelievably useful… every reader will find something new and of absolute hands-on usefulness… Drama Menu will become your companion’ ReviewsGate.com

‘Well organised and easy to use… a useful and relevant tool for anyone involved with facilitating drama sessions’ Drama Magazine

‘An invigorating, inspiring collection… superbly reassuring, it underlines that drama workshops are still POSSIBLE, exciting and creative… for however long we need to live with Covid 19, teachers, workshop leaders and anyone with an interest and care in drama needs to not just embrace the new normal, but embrace this innovative and inspiring book’

‘Very timely, carefully planned and well thought-out… the games will be relished by a wide age-range and will keep any drama teacher in business for quite some time’
Drama Resource

‘An exceptionally timely piece… offers much-needed inspiration for safe, engaging and practical activities that will benefit many people striving to keep drama going in these unprecedented times… there are likely to be some new ideas for everyone in this volume – many of which may become permanent parts of your repertoire, even when we can rehearse normally again’
Broadway World

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