Arabian Nights (RSC Version)


ISBN: 9781848420588
Author: By Dominic Cooke
Publication Date: 3/12/2009
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available


A simple and delightfully inventive re-telling of the stories from the Arabian Nights.

It is wedding night in the palace of King Shahrayar. By morning, the new Queen Shahrazad is to be put to death like all the young brides before her. But she has one gift that could save her – the gift of storytelling.

With her mischievous imagination, the young Queen spins her dazzling array of tales and characters. On her side are Ali Baba, Es-Sindibad the Sailor and Princess Parizade – adventurers in strange and magical worlds populated by giant beasts, talking birds, devilish ghouls and crafty thieves. But will her silver-tongued stories be enough to enchant her husband and save her life?

This revised edition of Dominic Cooke’s Arabian Nights was published alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production in 2009.

‘The family show to see this Yule’ 
The Guardian

‘Superb… weaves a potent spell of enchantment as it moves from cruelty to happiness and from the blissfully ribald to the deeply affecting’
Daily Telegraph

‘A masterful piece of storytelling… a truly magical piece of theatre that delights all the senses’

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