Tales from the Arabian Nights


ISBN: 9781760622756
Author: Donna Abela
Publication Date: 2/05/2019
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 52pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 19F , 35M , doubling possible.

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In this delightful adaptation of the classic tales, Donna Abela brings centuries-old tradition into the modern era with a play that is timeless yet utterly contemporary.
Young courtier Shahrazad poses as a ‘Smuggle’ (a refugee) about to be executed by the despotic King Shahrayar. To save her life, she tells the king a story he can’t resist. It’s a tale of magic and transformation, demons and lovers, adventure and terror.
Delaying her fate by one more night each time, Shahrazad weaves the story into another and then another until turn by turn she finds a way into the king’s heart. His defences are breached and the results offer fresh hope for the whole kingdom.
Abela has created an imaginative and playful piece of theatre for young people that poses many questions and longer discussions.
Donna Abela’s Tales from the Arabian Nights is a powerful allegory for our times and a great afternoon for an audience … [Tales From The Arabian Nights] effortlessly tell us much about human nature, morality, kindness and contemporary Australia.
— NSW Premier’s Literary Awards judges (shortlisted)

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