Deceptive Threads


ISBN: 9781760622367
Author: David Joseph and Karen Berger
Publication Date: 5/04/2018
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 48pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: , 6M , doubling possible.


‘A singing spy, a hawker’s lie…
How do you reconcile a family history littered with secrets?’

Deceptive Threads tells the extraordinary true stories of David Joseph’s grandfathers—one a Tivoli singer turned ASIO spymaster who vetted ‘unwanted’ arrivals, the other an early Lebanese immigrant who had to lie about his birthplace to gain Australian naturalisation.

In this award-winning solo show, Joseph explores race, belonging, history, and national identity to theatrically illuminate the personal in the political. Deftly untangling the threads linking his family’s connection to Australia’s racist past and its present dilemma over asylum seekers, he explores the nexus between the government control of immigration and the ‘unwelcome’ immigrant.

‘Not to be missed.’ — ArtsHub

‘An engaging story enacted with flair and imagination.’ — Arnold Zable

‘Exquisitely crafted … sincere, genuine, moving work, full of heart and integrity.’ — Stage Whispers

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