Angela’s Kitchen


ISBN: 9780868199467
Author: Paul Capsis, Hilary Bell, Julian Meyrick
Publication Date: 14/05/2012
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 36pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: , 1M


In 1948, Angela left Malta. Having gathered up five children, she sailed out on the Strathnavar, leaving poverty and the war behind.

Her destination: Australia. In Surry Hills, she could build a bright new life.

If only she could first learn the language, finish shoring up their dilapidated house, find new friends, get the racist neighbour off her back and keep her son away from sly grog queen Kate Leigh’s kids.

Back in Malta, someone else has made a journey. Making his way along Kalkara’s glistening harbourside, a young man with flowing black hair has returned to claim his past. Paul Capsis is walking home.

A journey that begins at a kitchen table becomes a sprawling family history and a fitting tribute to a much-loved matriarch.

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