Intersection: Bloom


ISBN: 9781760627904
Author: ATYP
Publication Date: 15/07/2022
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 84pp.
Availability: Available

Cast Info: 20F , 17M , 9 Any gender, doubling possible.

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Desdemona: No interpersonal relationships within Student Council!
Hennie: That’s not a rule!
Desdemona: It’s number five in the Council Code of Conduct. ‘Thou shalt not mess with other members of the Council.’ I did my research when I joined to see if I could have a chance with you.
Unrequited by Olivia McLeod

At Cluck Cluck Chicken, two friends take revenge on their horrible boss. In the library, the School Council president makes a tactical move on her crush. When a TV drama comes to film in a small town, toxic purple weeds take a starring role. Five students must travel far and wide through mythical lands to search for their Indonesian teacher after he suddenly leaves the school. And can a giant artwork change the school’s policy on ‘gender appropriate attire’ at the formal?
Each year, ATYP brings together 20 playwrights from around Australia, empowering them to create plays that connect with young performers and audiences. The Intersection Festival is the creative reimagining of our popular Voices Project and Intersection plays, giving young people the opportunity to perform brand-new short plays written by some of the country’s best new writers.

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