Passing Places


ISBN: 9781854593498
Author: By Stephen Greenhorn
Publication Date: 24/04/1998
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available

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A road movie for the stage, following two young lads from Motherwell on their trip from dislocation to location.

Alex and Brian are a pair of Scottish smalltown boys going nowhere, who get out the only way they know how – doing a runner with a prized surfboard in the only transport available: a worn-out Lada. But the surfboard belongs to Binks, Alex’s psychopathic gangster boss, and he’s hot on their heels as they head north for Thurso – where the surf is up all year round.

Stephen Greenhorn’s play Passing Places was premiered at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, in 1997.

‘Tremendous new comedy’

‘Greenhorn conveys all the wonders and frustrations of life on the road. Passing Places is another in a growing body of Scottish plays seeking out answers to a spiritual lack with grace and good humour’

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