ISBN: 9780868197272
Author: Debra Oswald
Publication Date: 20/01/2004
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available
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Cast Info: 6F , 8M

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Inspired by true events that occurred in a south-western NSW town, Skate is about a group of kids battling their local council to get a skate park built in their home town of Narragindi. In the midst of this struggle they are forced to deal with the sudden death of one of their friends. They attempt one final stand; the skate park holds the promise of renewing local youth pride and self-esteem.

Skate is a turbo-charged, moving and funny account of the mates, mothers, tricks and traumas of a group of young skaters. Enhanced by live skateboarding, the play is full of the emotional awkwardness of adolescence, its adrenaline, compassion and humour, and reflects the hopes and aspirations of young people in regional Australia.

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