ISBN: 9781848426597
Author: By Vivienne Franzmann
Publication Date: 6/07/2017
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 144pp.
Availability: Available


‘We should have brought a gift.’
‘We’ve brought a gift. It’s called twenty-two thousand pounds.’

Purchased from Russia. Developed in India. Delivered to the UK.

A global transaction over nine months that offers ‘a lifetime of happiness’ for all involved.

Vivienne Franzmann’s play Bodies explores the human cost of surrogacy, and what we’ll overlook to get what we want. The play premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, on 5 July 2017, in a production directed by Jude Christian.

‘Immensely powerful and eloquently constructed… a richly humane and insightful piece’

‘Engages with awkward social issues in a humane yet cautionary fashion… packs a lot of challenging ideas into 90 minutes’

Evening Standard

‘An engrossing allegory for the modern age, where we consume things at the click of a button, this new work forces a consideration of what happens when we want something so badly that we try to pretend there are no consequences’

‘Brims with powerful emotions and interesting ideas’
The Arts Desk

‘Explores the ethical minefield of international surrogacy through a personal story that is compelling and increasingly distressing. It’s a tough subject, but Franzmann brings a mix of dark humour and compassion to it… a piercing play about the way we live now’
Financial Times

‘Hard-hitting… a hugely ambitious piece of work, exploring how people are commodified, bought and sold’
Time Out

‘Bold stuff, packed with ideas… combines a dense psychological study with a philosophical question, then drops in some political bite to boot’
The Stage

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