Is My Microphone On?


ISBN: 9781839042829
Author: By Jordan Tannahill
Publication Date: 14/09/2023
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 64pp.
Availability: Available

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‘After thousands of years, I have a mouth… So if you don’t mind, Mum, Dad, I’m going to speak. I’m going to shout. When I become a human I’m going to use some words. Can you still hear me? Is my microphone on?’

Young people have inherited a burning world. In Jordan Tannahill’s urgent and lyrical play, they reckon with the generations who have come before them, questioning the choices that have been made, and the ones that they will yet be forced to make.

In Is My Microphone On? an ensemble of young performers hold the audience to account, and invite them to experience the world together anew.

The play was commissioned by the Theater der Welt festival in Germany, premiered in English by Canadian Stage, Toronto, in 2021, and performed by youth theatres across the UK as part of the 2023 National Theatre Connections Festival. It offers opportunities for a large, flexible cast of any size or mix of genders, and can incorporate chorus work, movement and music.

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