Intersection: Unleashed


ISBN: 9781760627379
Author: ATYP
Publication Date: 15/06/2021
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 108pp.
Availability: Available


There’s this feeling, in my gut. Like a crackle. Makes me feel a bit sick.
Feels like it’s telling me something’s gonna happen soon.
Something’s coming – that’s what I think.

Revolution is Coming, Maybe by Sian Murphy.

As the world ends in a fire tornado, two young lovers find that breaking up is never easy. In a holding cell, a young woman arrested for graffiti wonders about Cardi B and climate change. The formal on Saturday night is going to be a magical evening – or perhaps more like the revenge scene from a B–grade horror movie. And two new friends need to track down a pet velociraptor – right now – before things get really bad.

Each year, ATYP brings together 20 playwrights from around Australia, empowering them to create plays that connect with young performers and audiences. The Intersection Festival is the creative reimagining of our popular Voices Project and Intersection plays, giving young people the opportunity to perform brand–new short plays written by some of the country’s best new writers.

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