ISBN: 9781848423152
Author: By Jack Thorne
Publication Date: 6/12/2012
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 64pp.
Availability: Available

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One bathroom. Two people. One day. A relationship witnessed in minute, devastating detail.

A story of intimacy, fragility and the darker side of love, Jack Thorne’s play Mydidae exposes the private and disturbing moments a couple share, and explores what becomes of a relationship when it is held together not only by love, but by fear, guilt and despair.

Mydidae was commissioned by DryWrite theatre company and first performed at Soho Theatre, London, in December 2012, in a production featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Keir Charles.

‘Like a punch in the gut… what makes all of this not only bearable but completely transfixing is the unmistakeable honesty of the writing’

‘A two-hander full of unexpected menace that probes and chips at its characters, peeling back layers of skin… a potent piece of writing’
Exeunt Magazine

‘Thorne has an uncanny ear for naturalistic dialogue… cannily ratchets up the tension’
Time Out

‘Moves with a disarming stealth to a show-down that forces [the characters] to strip one another naked emotionally to the point of flaying’

‘A particularly deep and thought-provoking look at contemporary lives’
British Theatre Guide

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