The Feather in the Web


ISBN: 9781760626846
Author: Nick Coyle
Publication Date: 18/12/2020
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 70pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 13F , 6M , doubling possible.

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Nick Coyle’s acerbic dark comedy follows the life of Kimberly, a character like no other. She is a young, uncompromising, fearless nihilist – powerful, wicked and in control. She moves through the world, tossing artifice aside like matchsticks as she sets fire to the banal and predictable.

But when she meets Miles, Kimberly finds herself up against the most powerful opponent of all—love. What ensues is a brilliant examination of desire, sexism, authenticity, and the lengths we will go to make ourselves feel whole.

In The Feather in the Web, Nick Coyle has created a reverse Alice in Wonderland: where a fantastical person is forced on a quest through the real world, not the other way around. Full of astonishing twists and an escalating sense of unease, you will laugh out loud … right before you consider putting a plastic bag over your head.

Coyle takes the characters and action to the very edge of credulity, at times almost abandoning naturalism, which he balances with truly heartfelt and touching moments. All this combines to elevate his writing to a plane that is both emotionally confusing and deeply rewarding, executed in a style that is truly his own.– Stage Whispers

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