The Feather in the Web


ISBN: 9781760622244
Author: Nick Coyle
Publication Date: 4/10/2018
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 82pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 13F , 6M
Doubling possible, min. of actors required.


“I’m like a chimpanzee because I’m mischievous and I’m stronger than a man.”

Kimberly is a character like no other. She’s powerful, wicked, in control—but she has no voice. So she sets out to find it, leaving a trail of car crashes and crying people in her wake. Then she meets Miles. And she’ll do anything he says.

From engagement parties to team-building weekends to improv comedy, The Feather in the Web is an unpredictable take on infatuation and self-discovery. Skewering our obsession with couples and careers, it asks just how much we’re willing to give (and lose) for love.

Nick Coyle has written a playful, startling and surprisingly hopeful coming-of-age story. It’s part picaresque, part fable—a journey from silence to a full-throated ROAR. This Lysicrates Prize finalist is without a doubt the most inventive play you’ll see all year.

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