ISBN: 9781760623425
Author: Yve Blake
Publication Date: 28/04/2021
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 110pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 14F , 9M

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Meet Edna: she’s 14, she’s a misfit, she’s kind of a genius and … she’s in love. With Harry.
There’s just one problem: Harry doesn’t actually know that she exists. Because Harry is in the world’s biggest boy band, True Connection. But to Edna, that’s just a small obstacle.
When True Connection announces a tour stop in Edna’s city, she realises that this is her one chance to meet Harry and convince him of their destiny. But how will Edna get Harry’s attention? How will she convince him that she’s the one? And just how far is she prepared to go in the name of love?
Edna takes her devotion to unforseen heights in this thrilling and hilarious musical comedy about first love, fan culture and the danger of underestimating teenage girls. Fangirls, by composer, lyricist and playwright Yve Blake, will surprise and shock you. If you think this is just a story about loving a boy band … think again. This is a story about how we ask young women to see themselves, and a celebration of their true, unlimited power.

A riotous, hormone-fuelled and life-affirming love letter to the teenagers we all once were.—Benjamin Law

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