Biscuits for Breakfast


ISBN: 9781839042188
Author: By Gareth Farr
Publication Date: 11/05/2023
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 104pp.
Availability: Available

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‘If you can cook, if you know flavour and taste and texture, people will pay you to do it. People always need to eat. Always.’

They don’t seem an obvious match. Joanne is spiky, defensive, a survivor; Paul is quiet, considered – and hiding profound grief for his father. But the pleasure he takes in cooking – and the astonishing food he prepares – creates a bond between them.

When the hotel where they both work closes and they start to spiral into poverty, it throws everything up in the air – first their plans for a cookbook and a restaurant, and, eventually, even their dreams of a future together…

Gareth Farr’s play Biscuits for Breakfast is a tender, heartfelt drama about families – the ones we inherit and the ones we create – and the struggle to survive when times get tough. It opened at Hampstead Theatre, London, in 2023, directed by Tessa Walker.

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