The Lodger


ISBN: 9781839040382
Author: By Robert Holman
Publication Date: 16/09/2021
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Extent: 96pp.
Availability: Available

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‘I can’t undo what’s been said. My world changed this morning. I hope for the better, but we’ll see in the future.’

Sisters Dolly and Esther grow up in ultra-conservative Harrogate in the 60s. Fifty years later, following the death of their mother, Dolly comes to stay with Esther – now a successful novelist and living in Little Venice with her younger, inscrutable lodger, Jude. The three go to Norway to meet the rock star grandfather Jude has only ever heard about. Instead, he meets Anila who changes his world. To make a new future, these four people will have to be honest, heal old wounds and two sisters learn to laugh together again.

Robert Holman’s new play The Lodger is an enlightening, cathartic and acerbic new play about identity, maturity and reconciliation.

It is premiered at the Coronet Theatre, London, in September 2021.

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