Platform Papers 35: The Music of Place


ISBN: 9780987211446
Author: Jon Rose
Publication Date: 1/05/2013
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency House
Extent: 84pp.
Availability: Available

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‘How do you maintain live music in a culture that does not value it?’ asks Jon Rose, acclaimed improvising violinist and instrument maker. ‘The practice of music has lost its key functions and roles in society’, he writes.

‘The proof of this lies in the steep decline of monetary worth for both practitioner and the art form itself. Music’s social worth is also questionable as it is steadily removed from the education curriculum. This is not a uniquely Australian phenomenon, nor is it confined to music practised on the fringes of society; it is a problem common to all music forms.’

Rose rejects blaming popular music and digital downloads, delves deeper and proposes a way to change the culture.

‘This book should be put in the hands of every senior high school music student (and their teachers), and every post-secondary music student in the country. Imagine the impact this could have, not only on how we view our musical history, but also on the value that we place on music-making in the contemporary context.’ — John Davis, CEO of the Australian Music Centre

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