ISBN: 9781760627430
Author: Alison Lyssa
Publication Date: 16/08/2021
Edition: Standard
Publisher: Currency Press
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 6F , 7M , doubling possible.

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Pinball is a prescient, detailed and funny work that explores queer and lesbian sexual politics, the structures of the legal system, homophobia and childhood trauma. This remarkable play is about a young lesbian woman, Theenie, forced into a custody battle for her son, when she and her ex-husband Sylvester can’t convince the other members of their families to live and let live. The child, poignantly invisible and voiceless in the play, is bounced back and forth through the personal politics and prejudices of more and more people as they try to get onto the bandwagon, using Theenie and her male child Alabaster, as a political football.

‘Alison Lyssa’s words are powerful and devastating […] her depiction of misogyny and homophobia in Western and Christian societal structures remains accurate, scathing and raw.’ SUZY GOES SEE

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