Strangers in Between and Holding the Man: Two plays


ISBN: 9780868197968
Author: Tommy Murphy
Publication Date: 2/11/2006
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 176pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 9F , 24M , 15 Other
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In Strangers in Between, Shane has fled his family and is seeking refuge in Sydney’s Kings Cross. Confused and naive, he meets two strangers: the ultra-urban Will, who offers brotherhood, sex and something unexpected; and Peter, a 50-year-old gay man whose mother is dying in a nursing home. With their help, or hindrance, Shane grapples to reconcile himself with events from his past. But how can he move on when he can’t even use laundry powder?

Holding the Man
is based on Timothy Conigrave’s celebrated memoir of the same name, which won the 1995 UN Human Rights Award for Non-Fiction and was voted one of Australia’s top 100 favourite books. Tommy Murphy’s stage adaptation faithfully captures the book’s heart-wrenchingly honest portrayal of a fifteen-year relationship, but also succeeds in transforming it into a unique theatrical experience that is wholly his own. The play won multiple awards and had seasons across Australia and internationally.

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