Summer of Harold


ISBN: 9781760628482
Author: Hilary Bell
Publication Date: 7/09/2023
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 68pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 1F , 1M

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In award-winning playwright Hilary Bell’s Summer of Harold, the transformative power of everyday objects threads through three cracking comedic plays about adventure, obsession and hope.
Summer of Harold. Memories of 1984. London. Phil Collins on MTV. Cassette tapes. Janet and her backpacking mate Alison take a summer job as inexperienced housekeepers with the 20th century’s foremost British playwright, Harold Pinter. Will the summer of ’84 be a triumph or end in disaster within the fastidious atmosphere of the Pinter household?
Enfant Terrible Gareth, obsessed with his rival ceramicist, reflects on an evening of bitterness, triumph and discovery. A brash decision forces him to question whether or not he’s badly misjudged the night.
As the enchanting Blue Mountains expand before Jonathan and Rae, they take a last moment to connect before making some life-changing decisions. Is it time to let go or is there more to their view in

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