Up for Grabs and Corporate Vibes: Two plays


ISBN: 9780868196534
Author: David Williamson
Publication Date: 26/7/2001
Edition: Second
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 136pp.
Availability: Available


In Up for Grabs, Simone Allen likes to see herself as a prophet rather than a parasite, but when given the opportunity to sell one of the better Brett Whiteley paintings, her behaviour becomes less than angelic as the pressure mounts. Driven by greed and aesthetics, Williamson’s characters discover how far they will go when more than just a beautiful work of art is up for grabs in this sexy comedy of manners.

In Corporate Vibes, a real estate developer faces a staff mutiny. When a man who is accustomed to getting his own way finds himself confronted by a softly spoken mediator and a demand for buildings which ‘delight the eye’, the stage is set for a vintage farce.

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