Mark Colvin’s Kidney


ISBN: 9781760620011
Author: Tommy Murphy
Publication Date: 1/02/2017
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 112pp.
Availability: Available
Cast Info: 6F , 15M , 7 Other, doubling possible.

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A premiere Australian play based on actual events, showing just how startling real-life can be.

Mary-Ellen Field is a successful Australian business consultant in London—until she’s accused of betraying the secrets of her supermodel client to the press. Her life comes crashing down: her job, her health and her standing in society collapse. When it emerges that her client’s phone had been hacked by reporters, Mary Ellen sets out to defiantly restore her reputation.

But along the way, her ideas of redemption change—she’s been interviewed by a journalist on the other side of the world, and his story puts everything into a new perspective.

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