ISBN: 9780868196022
Author: Margery Forde
Publication Date: 16/02/2000
Edition: Second
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 115pp.
Availability: Available


Drawn by the power of the beat and the tribal escape of dance, Ben hangs out with Fergus, a choice rave DJ who is heading for the stars. For Zoe, an aspiring DJ, music is the drug and she’s addicted. Ben’s mother seeks rapture through the Church and the stories of the saints. And Stacy…?

When his younger sister, Stacy, wants to check out the rave scene, Ben knows he’ll have to watch out for her. And tonight she’s going to drop her first ecstasy pill. Later, Ben will struggle to forgive himself and his mother retreats into the Church. But the time will come to face the truth about what really happened that night.

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ePub, Mobi, Print