Critical Studies Collection: Patricia Cornelius

ISBN: 9781760621261
Author: Patricia Cornelius et al.
Publication Date: 29/03/2017
Edition: First
Publisher: Currency Press
Availability: Available as eBook

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Patricia Cornelius is one of Australia’s most awarded and celebrated playwrights. She is known for her confronting plays that often deal with people living on the margins of society, struggling with poverty and prejudice. The Sydney Festival 2017 showcased three of Patricia’s plays, as well as a discussion with Festival Director Wesley Enoch.

This collection contains criticism on Cornelius’ plays SHIT, Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?, Do Not Go Gentle, The Berry Man and LOVE, in pieces written by Julian Meyrick, Hilary Glow, Tom Holloway, Susie Dee and Cornelius herself. Read Cornelius through her eyes, and through the eyes of her peers in theatremaking.

This is the first title in the Critical Studies Collection by Currency Press. Each title in the collection showcases an Australian playwright or a theatrical theme, through written criticism and audiovisual material. The sources range from recent publications through to rare books that are currently out of print. Complete with source listings and recommended further reading, this series is the ideal guide for students and teachers of theatre from the HSC to tertiary study.

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