ISBN: 9781760623111
Author: Alex Vickery-Howe
Publication Date: 17/4/2020
Edition: CTS
Publisher: Currency Press
Extent: 134pp.
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Cast Info: 2F , 3M

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Basil Pepper is not ‘the man’, he’s not a doer, or a fighter … or even much of a thinker. World events pass him by, ideology makes him sleepy, and the Prime Minister’s name eludes him. Delia Dengel is determined to take a stand, to succeed where generations have failed, and be the change she wants to see, even if she’ll always be hunted. Basil is smitten. It isn’t long before he begins to see the world through Delia’s eyes …
And that’s when the storm begins.
How far would you go to save the world?

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